Offer Tips

Here are some tips and tools used to make sure offers approve for you!

1. Fake Name Generator
Just google it up and use it, it'll supply fake real info you can use in offers.

2. Roboform
Google it and download it (it's free) plug in the fake info and use it to quickly submit offers.

3. The "No" trick
When you get to the pages with Yes or No options, make sure roboform is working and hit Alt and + at the same time. It'll fill it out with all No options.

4. CCleaner
Just google it, and download it (it's free)

5. Clearing Cookies
Using CCleaner, make sure the only option on is Cookies. Before you do an offer clear your cookies and then do the offer. This makes it much easier for sites to track down if you did offers. Clear either every 20 minutes or every 2 offers.