Welcome to the RewardCash site! Here I expose my favorite and best gpt site straight to you! Why you should join it and tips and tricks to earn the most!


What is it?

CashCrate is the best gpt website out there. What is a gpt site? Gpt means "get paid to", you do certain tasks and in return you get paid. CashCrate will pay you top dollar for signing up to websites, doing offers, telling freinds or random people to join, doing surveys, and much more! Free cash for you!

How is CashCrate the best?

Many people claim websites like CashCrate are scams, but CashCrate isn't! They have their own forums in which thousands of members show their proof of being paid!

Let's say a website needs an offer done for $1.
Typical websites would only pay you $0.20 for getting it done.
CashCrate however would give $0.70 for getting it done! That's 50% more!

Another thing is their referral system.
Most websites give 20% of what a buddy would make for you.
CashCrate gives you up to 30% of what a buddy would make + up to %20 if they get a buddy to earn some cash to! PLUS for every referral that earns $10 you get $3 more!

How can that make more for you?
Let's say you refer people and they make in total $1,000. On any othersite you would just get $200 from that. CashCrate would give you $300 + 20% of any people that they refer! That's a 50% increase in earnings!

And wait until you see the contests!
Monthly they will give over $500 in cash to the top earners in offers and the top referrers. They also give out Xbox 360's, PS3's, iPod's, Amazon cash + More!

My last favorite thing is their support system, they're ready to help any minute of the day whether it be how to increase my earnings or an account issue!

Cool! Where do I sign up?

Well you can sign up by clicking on the banner up top. Or clicking on the link right here (

Signing up is completely free, they never spam e-mail you, and you can delete your account anytime.

Also since you are signing up to me, you will get a chance to get $1 after completeing your profile!

When do I get paid?

CashCrate will review your account if you have over $20, once you do you can either have that transferred directly to your bank account or get a check sent in the mail to you!

What can I spend with my Cash?

Anything you want! Free xbox live membership, pay off bills, free microsoft points, make your own website, free video games, game membership, amazon purchases, + more!

Need help?

E-mail me at or look at the upper right corner of this blog for links to offer help, referral help + more!